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  • Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery
    Sold for $66,000.00
    Houdini’s Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery. American, ca. 1909. Houdini and his brother Hardeen escaped from this locked box, and the locked and liquid-filled milk can inside it.
  • Houdini King of Cards Lithograph
    Sold for $24,000.00
    Harry Houdini King of Cards. Chicago, National Printing and Engraving, ca. 1898.
  • A Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen’s Captivity…
    Sold for $78,000.00
  • Hakluyt's Voyages...
    Sold for $48,000.00
  • Twain's Huckleberry Finn
    Sold for $21,600.00
  • Houdini's Automatic Flowering Rosebush.
    Sold for $324,000.00
    This piece of apparatus now holds the world's record for the most expensive piece of magic memorabilia sold at public auction.
  • X-Men. No. 1
    Sold for $3,400.00
    Marvel Comics, 1963. First appearance and origin of the X-Men (Professor X, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl) and Magneto
  • Dracula Insert Poster
    Sold for $15,000.00
    The only-known example of this insert poster for the 1947 re-release of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi.
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders
    Sold for $12,000.00
    Depicting one of the most popular and enduring features of Buffalo Bill’s show, the Virginia reel on horseback. In this portrayal, a gathering of men and women on horseback are shown on the open prairie, a section of them with brass instruments to accompany the couples’ dancing.
  • Regina Music Box
    Sold for $10,800.00
    Regina 15 1/2" bow-front music box with twelve discs. Circa 1908. Coin-operated model. Two plays for five cents.
  • California Travel Poster
    Sold for $1,560.00
    Stan Galli's classic travel poster for Southern California - an iconic design.
  • The Discoverie of Witchcraft First Edition
    Sold for $45,600.00
    The first edition of this famous work by Reginald Scot, published in London in 1584.
  • French Blow Book
    Sold for $12,000.00
    [Blow Book] Ambigu Magique. French, ca. 1778. Marbled wrappers. Illustrated with hand-colored full page engraved plates.
  • Cardini's Stage-Worn Tuxedo
    Sold for $72,000.00
    Custom-tailored tuxedo worn by Cardini in hundreds if not thousands of performances of his legendary act. Accompanied by a black seal fur top hat, boutonniere, dress shirt, collar, bow tie, spats, pocket handkerchief, and vest, together composing perhaps the most iconic costume of the most imitated magic act of the twentieth century.
  • Archive of Movie Stills and Glamour Photos
    Sold for $22,800.00
    A 44-volume collection plus an additional unsorted carton, approximately 1,500 photographs (8 x 10”) in sum. This photographic archive documents Hollywood film stars, generally of the 1940s – 50s, with an emphasis on actresses.
  • The Great Raymond's Hand of Fate, Made by Okito
    Sold for $36,000.00
    A painted wooden spirit hand (11 x 6 x 2") with green felt cuff and lace accent, handcrafted by Okito for The Great Raymond for his stage show, the trick was billed as "The Hand of Fate" and sometimes advertised on posters as the "mysterious hand."
  • Dan Rice’s Blind Horse lithograph
    Sold for $12,000.00
    This small poster depicts the trained and "educated" horse who was an integral part of Dan Rice's circus. Perhaps most significantly, it was the first lithograph Strobridge produced for the circus.
  • Faro Exposed; or The Gambler and his Prey.
    Sold for $24,000.00
    Alfred Trumble. Being a Complete Explanation of the Famous Game, its Origin and Development, and how its Skins are Worked. New York: Richard K. Fox, (1882).
  • “The Trader” 5 Cent Cast Iron Cigar Trade Stimulator on Wood base.
    Sold for $16,800.00
    Mills Novelty Co. Chicago, ca. 1905.
  • 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie No. 253
    Sold for $5,040.00
    1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie No. 253. PSA VG 3 (MC).
  • Goodall & Son Hand Painted Transformation Pack. London, ca. 1910.
    Sold for $6,000.00
    52/52. Excellent. The work of an unknown but talented folk artist, using a standard Chas. Goodall pack and cleverly transforming the pip cards and three aces.
  • Four Japanese Woodblock Prints by Kawase Hasui
    Sold for $8,400.00
    Including Hamamachi Kagishi (Fisherman's Wharf, Tokyo), Isetatsu, 1939; Yoshino zaodo (Zaodo Temple at Yoshino), Watanabe, 1950; Autumn Scene at Shiobara, 1922; and Azuma Kyo (Azuma Chasm), Gintaro, 1943.
  • Mandarin Magician Automaton Clock.
    Sold for $33,600.00
    Paris: J.F. Houdin, ca. 1836. Magnificent ormolu decorated eight day chiming clock atop which rests an elaborately decorated and highly detailed Mandarin conjurer, dressed in an elaborate robe with detailed floral patterns, a jaunty hat with tasseled top, and two dangling earrings.
  • Chicago Coin Machine Co. Automated Speaker Band Box
    Sold for $8,400.00
    Deposit a coin in the jukebox and the curtains will open to show the animated manikin musicians play a tune.
  • Harry Blackstone's Original Cartoon Album - The Rubaiyat of Omar Blackstone
    Sold for $35,000.00
    Featuring Art By 26 famous editorial cartoonists and comic strip artists, including Al Zaboly, Chic Young, Al Capp, Bob Dunn, and dozens more; each image drawn for Blackstone.
  • Edward Kelty - Congress of Freaks
    Sold for $6,000.00
    Congress of Freaks with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Sepia-tone gelatin print depicting the sideshow performers who toured with R.B.B.B.. Pictured here at Madison Square Garden are Clico the African Bushman, Jim Tarver the Texas Giant, Major Mite, and others.
  • Houdini Water Torture Cell Poster
    Sold for $114,000.00
    This rare three sheet poster depicting Harry Houdini performing his famous Water Torture Cell escape sold for a world record price - the highest price ever paid for a magic poster, and the second highest price for any magic-related object ever sold.
  • Ed. Fey One Cent Finger Striker Gambling Machine.
    Sold for $42,000.00
    Rare countertop machine by the famed firm of Ed Fey.
  • Anheuser—Busch Brew'g Ass'n Export Beers
    Sold for $12,000.00
    Reverse-painted glass sign for the famous brewing concern. Handsomely framed.
  • Chinese Imperial Dragon Robe
    Sold for $21,600.00
    Circa early twentieth century. Small paper garment tags inside. Length 53”. Width 74”.
  • S.W. Erdnase. The Expert at the Card Table. First Edition.
    Sold for $16,800.00
    Chicago: Author, 1902. Publisher’s light green cloth stamped in gilt. Illustrated with over 100 drawings “from life” by Marshall D. Smith.
  • Goo Goo Gum One Cent Vendor
    Sold for $24,000.00
    American, ca. 1910s. Blue wooden cabinet with “Goo Goo Gum” in gilt lettering on both sides and cartoonish figures of a roller skating boy and a girl with straw held to her mouth.
  • Pierrot Writing Automaton
    Sold for $34,800.00
    Switzerland: Michel Bertrand, ca. 1975. The Pierrot, seated at a writing desk replete with a brass oil lamp, holds a quill in one hand.
  • All 4 Beatles Signatures on a “Yellow Submarine” Drawing.
    Sold for $7,800.00
    These autographs were collected in 1981 - during a period that found the Beatles generally unhappy with one other, and getting all to sign the same item was almost impossible.
  • McElroy Talking Skull
    Sold for $13,200.00
    Sculpted and made by the famous makers of ventriloquist figures, the McElroy brothers, George and Glen.
  • Nail Through Finger
    Sold for $600.00
    An early version of the venerable pocket trick, this one with the original packaging well-preserved.
  • Nuclear Disarmament Poster by Keith Haring, 1982.
    Sold for $3,600.00
    Offset lithograph on smooth wove paper. Inscribed and signed in ink by the artist in lower right: “For Ken/Keith Haring/82”
  • Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. First Edition.
    Sold for $22,800.00
    London: Jonathan Cape, [1953]. First edition, first printing. Publisher’s black cloth, central heart-shaped device stamped in red on front board, spine lettered in red with publisher’s device in red at foot.
  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. 1884.
    Sold for $6,600.00
    The Astronomer-Poet of Persia…with an Accompaniment of Drawings by Elihu Vedder, signed by the illustrator.
  • Sean Scully Heart of Darkness Portfolio
    Sold for $9,000.00
    Signed Portfolio. New York: The Limited Editions Club, 1992.
  • Johnny Thompson’s Engraved Cups and Balls
    Sold for $14,400.00
    Set of three finely engraved silver-plated copper “Miller” cups owned and used by Johnny Thompson – aka The Great Tomsoni – for his well-loved and well-known version of the classic sleight-of-hand routine.
  • Rockefeller Center New York / New York Central Lines
    Sold for $6,000.00
    Expertly restored lithograph designed by Leslie Ragan. Ca. 1936
  • Mills 5 Cent Punching Bag / Boxing Strength Test Arcade Machine
    Sold for $8,400.00
    Chicago: Mills Novelty Company, ca. 1903. Handsomely restored and working.
  • Nevada Club Casino Neon Sign.
    Sold for $16,800.00
    A very large and impressive mid-century double-sided neon sign from Reno’s Nevada Club casino
  • Sideshow Banner. Cavalcade of Wonders. Freaks Past & Present
    Sold for $28,800.00
    American, ca. 1930s/40s. Enormous entrance-type sideshow banner, painted canvas, which depicts a full cast of sideshow performers. Attributed to Fred Johnson.
  • Pablo Picasso. Le Pigeonneau
    Sold for $37,500.00
    Artist proof hand-colored by Picasso. Paris: Jonquières and Berggruen, 1939. Printed by Robert Blanchet.
  • Gaius Julius Caesar. The Commentaries
    Sold for $14,400.00
    Quae extant. Accuratissime cum libris editis & MSS optimis collate, recognita & correcta. Edited by Samuel Clarke. London: Jacob Tonson, 1712.
  • Moby Dick first edition
    Sold for $60,000.00
  • A General Map of the Ohio River
    Sold for $16,800.00
  • Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan
    Sold for $21,600.00
  • William Henry Jackson photo album
    Sold for $22,800.00
  • Charles Dickens Christmas Books
    Sold for $28,800.00
  • Signed Mark Twain set
    Sold for $33,600.00

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